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Should I Hire a Marketing Manager or Outsource to an Agency?

Marketing is a crucial part of the growth of every business. Whether you’re a small business trying to let the market know you exist or a large organisation trying to reach the peak of your industry, unless you have a clear and consistent marketing strategy there’s only one outcome for you.

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Which Social Media Platforms Should My Business Be On?

Social media has changed the way businesses of all sizes communicate with their customers. These platforms allow a business to connect directly with potential customers and start a personal conversation. You can target a specific group of people based on demographics, common interests and online behaviour. This targeted promotion and advertising means you can reach those who are most likely to be interested and do so in a cost effective way. It has completely changed the game of advertising.

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How to use your mailing list

The most important thing to remember is that someone on your mailing list already knows what you sell and didn't sign up to your list to have your offerings pushed at them. If all you do is push sales in your emails, your email open-rate and your list size will shrink as the subscribers start ignoring your emails, or worse, they unsubscribe.

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