Our Four Social Media Growth Pillars to Grow Your Leads & Sales in as Little as 3 Months

We've developed a killer social media framework for our client base that focusses on four separate and distinct pillars. Take our approach and apply these four growth pillars to your social media strategy. In as little as three months you will notice a huge improvement in leads and sales coming from your social accounts.



The Instagram algorithm knows if your posts fit with your brand image. Content that is similar to and representative of your typical feed posts are more likely to show up on the Instagram explore tab. A slapped-together salad of off-brand, disjointed content is the quickest way to get someone to judge your brand as a dud.... forever. Plan your content and make sure it fits with your overall brand image.

VIDEOS & animations

It's all about video these days. Did you know viewers will retain around 95% of a message seen in a short video, but only 10% if the message came in the form of text. Why would you risk not using video content? This doesn’t mean that you need to get in front of the camera. Video content can come in many forms, including animated posts.


No one wants to follow you only to have promotional posts pushed in their face. When you’re not inspiring, you need to be educating. Position your brand as the leaders within your industry and give people a reason to follow you.



Encourage engagement by asking questions and sourcing opinions. But don’t stop there. Always respond to comments to signal to Instagram’s algorithm that a “relationship” with your followers exists. This way your followers will be more likely to see your posts again in the future.

Don’t have the time or resources to implement these growth pillars?

With an entire month of content scheduled in advance, we completely take the hassle away so your marketing can run more efficiently, leaving you to focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best.



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