Sell Your Brand, Not Your Product. Step 1: Get Your Story Straight

What are you selling?

Is it products?


Stop selling them. Stop right now.

Start selling your STORY.

Why do you do what you do? What problems are you solving for society? How do you improve the lives of your customers? How will they feel when they buy what you sell?

If you can’t explain all this in 30 seconds or less you’ve got some homework to do.

Get your story straight. Make it compelling and get straight to the point. Solve the problem your customers have. Help them evoke the emotions they are craving.

Your products and services are not solutions. They are only tools.

If you sell health foods, DON’T. Sell a long and happy life.

If you sell dental services, DON’T. Sell the approval from others you get from having pearly whites shining for all to see.

If you sell luxury cars, DON’T. Sell the feeling of being the boss.

If you sell drugs, DON’T. That’s illegal.

You get the picture.

Understanding your customers emotions and the problems they are trying to solve shows empathy. Empathy leads to trust. Trust leads to sales.

Get your story straight. Build empathy and trust. The sales will follow.

This is how you build a successful brand.