Sell Your Brand, Not your Product. Step 2: Create Habits

Now that you’ve got your story straight, it’s time to create habits.

Why would someone continue to purchase from you?

How can you continue to solve problems AFTER they’ve purchased from you?

Obviously not all businesses can build repeat sales. If you’re running a funeral parlour you’re probably not going to get too many repeat customers….

However, most businesses will be able to sell to their customers more than once. Whether it's the same product/service, a complementary product/service or a completely unrelated product/service.

There are many ways to get customers coming back and forming a habit of purchasing from you. What works will depend on what you offer and the industry you are in.

Are there multiple ways your product can be used?

Do you offer a service that is complementary to one you’ve already sold?

Figure it out.

Use your business skills and deep knowledge of your customers’ to give them something that will make their experience with you even more meaningful.

Something magical happens once you’ve created habits for your customers ….

They become your salespeople.

You go from offering solutions to individual problems to something much greater.

People are no longer buying your products or services.

They’re buying your brand.

They don’t need to research your latest offering to see if it’s right for them. They already know because you’ve solved their problems several times already.

Be this company.