Three ways to use Instagram's new chat sticker for business.


Instagram has just launched a new chat sticker as part of their story features. Add a chat sticker to your stories to invite followers to join a private group chat with up to 31 of your followers. You get to decide who joins the chat by approving requests and how long the group chat will remain open.

To help you get started with the chat sticker, we're sharing 3 ways your business can use it.

Three Ways to Use Instagram's NEW Chat Sticker for Your Business.

(1) Gather feedback from customers

Wanting to get feedback on a new product you have released? Or, feedback on new product ideas? The chat sticker is perfect for this!

Gather feedback from customers

(2) Share an exclusive promo code.

Reward followers for watching your stories quickly by sharing an exclusive promo code with those that join your group chat first.

Share an exclusive promo code

(3) Reach out to ambassadors.

Add ambassadors to your Close Friends List and send a chat sticker specifically to this group to discuss your ambassador program. From the chat you can send them to an online form to express their interest.

Reach out to ambassadors.