Branded Instagram GIF Stickers

Branded Instagram GIF Stickers

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If you post Instagram stories, you would have seen Instagram’s GIF Stickers. They’re fun moving images that you can place over your stories to make them more engaging and add some personality.

Now you can have your own branded Instagram GIF Stickers!

If you want to WOW your Instagram followers and provide them with fun GIFs that let them promote your brand for you, then you need to jump on the branded GIF bandwagon. Now!

How it Works:

  1. Upon purchasing this pack we will send you a short form where you will need to provide us with a list of the GIFs that you want created. You will also need to supply us with any product images, branding or fonts required.

  2. We will send you instructions to set up a free GIPHY account. You will then need to provide us with temporary login details.

  3. We provide you with your finished GIFs for review within 7 business days. You then have one round of revisions if any are required.

  4. We upload your new GIFs to your GIPHY account and submit your account for approval*.

  5. Once your account is approved, your followers will be able to search and use your branded GIFs in their own stories by using the Instagram GIF sticker.

* We can’t guarantee that your account will be approved by GIPHY. In the event that your account is not approved, we will turn your GIFs into Instagram posts that you can post to your feed. No refunds are provided.

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