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Where will your brand be in three years time? Are you happy with where it is now or are you looking to take it to the next level? We're a boutique Digital Marketing and Design agency located in Brisbane, Australia. We're here to help your brand grow to where you know it should be.



Branding & Design

branding and design

Branding isn't just a logo and colours. It is the basis on which a complete stranger will form the first opinion of your brand. You have roughly 3 seconds to make the best first impression. Great branding establishes familiarity which leads to approval, which in turn leads to trust and loyalty. Dull or inconsistent branding is the quickest and easiest way for someone to reject what you offer when other options (your competition) are only a few clicks away. Our branding process ensures your brand will appeal to those who matter most (your customers) without appearing inconsistent with the rest of your business.

Our branding and design expertise:
► Mood Boards
► Logo Creation
► Colour Palettes
► Typography
► Brand Style Guides
► Print and Graphic Design


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Online Marketing


Marketing is not about what product or service you sell, it's about the stories you tell. WHAT is your story? WHO is hearing it? HOW did they find you? With so many social media platforms available, simply boosting a few Facebook or Instagram posts is not enough to compete effectively online. We help you reach the right people with the right story on the right platform and show them why you're the right choice for them. Think of us as your marketing department without all the overheads.

We tell your story with:
► Social Media Management
Content Creation
Photography & Videography
Strategy and Marketing Plans
Social Media & Search Engine Advertising
Influencer Sourcing & Brand Collaborations
Email Marketing


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We build websites worthy of your brand

Web Design

Web Design

Your branding and online marketing is where first impressions are made but your website is where that first impression is validated or rejected. It is your chance to WOW potential customers and create a connection that lasts longer than a few seconds. People come to your website because they are looking for something you offer. This may be your only chance to prove to them that you have the best product or service for their needs, so don't mess it up. At Splash & Co Creative, we build highly visible websites that create meaningful connections with visitors at all stages of the buying cycle. We do not cut corners.

Our websites have:
A Unique Design that will resonate with your target market
Exclusive Graphics that complement your branding and build stronger familiarity
Mailing List Integration to keep the conversation going with existing and potential customers
SEO that goes beyond a standard keyword plan to give you the best possible organic search ranking
Social Media Integration to offer other ways you can cement the relationship formed through your new website


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