3 Types of Content You Should Stop Posting to Instagram

There is so much focus on the next new Instagram trend, but no one ever stops to consider what they’re currently doing or posting that could be causing negative effects and losing you followers.

Today, I’m here to talk about what not to post on Instagram. Here are three content types you should stop posting on Instagram.

1. Too many promotional posts.

We see some brands constantly selling on Instagram. If you are doing this, stop right now! It could be wrecking havoc on your brand and loosing you followers. It’s important to stop and think about the value that you are bringing to your followers. What are they gaining from following you? Put yourself in their shoes…would you constantly want to see promotional posts all the time? 

It’s okay to promote your products occasionally but you also need to be giving something of value back. We find that there are two main ways to do this: One is to inspire. Post content that your followers will want to save and refer to for inspiration. The second is to educate. You are the expert in your industry. You know more about it than the majority of your followers. Make sure you share this knowledge with them. Empower your followers with the knowledge they need to make informed purchasing decisions within your industry. Who do you think they will trust more…the band that constantly sells to them or the brand that empowers them?

2. Off-brand Images

Even Instagram knows if your posts fit with your brand image. Content that is similar to and representative of your typical feed posts are more likely to show up on Instagrams explore tab. A slapped-together salad of off-brand, disjointed content is the quickest way to get someone to judge your brand as a dud.... forever. Plan your content and make sure it fits with your brand image.

3. Unaccredited content

If you are re-sharing someone else photo, or even a quote, make sure you give them credit in the caption. Not crediting the source can get you into legal trouble and it can make your brand untrustworthy if your followers catch on. Plus, crediting the source can help you build a relationship with the account and open the door for future collaborations and opportunities.

Have you come across any other content types that have had negative effects for you brand? Contact us and let us know.

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