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Q&A with Leslie Gan

Meet Leslie. Doctor by day, artist by night. One day during a particularly long work meeting, Leslie started doodling in her notebook. When she realised she could doodle, she felt inspired to join a local community sketching group where she refined her skills. Some time later she thought to herself, “if I can draw, why not paint?” So she bought some acrylic paints and never looked back.

Today you can find Leslie’s paintings splashed across consulting rooms and homes throughout Australia.

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Q&A with Kelly Gibson

In just one year, Kelly Gibson has managed to create Brisbane's most exciting and fun fitness events. Sweat Social is here to shake up your workout routine, offering inspiring events for the body, mind and soul. We interview Kelly in today's Q&A to learn more about Sweat Social and how she managed to create this amazing community in under a year!

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Q&A with Tonia Ivanni

Throughout this project we got to know Tonia and were very inspired by her mission to help others find their true happiness and achieve success. We knew we had to portray this same feeling through the design of her sites so we integrated a mixture of soft colours with a cheerful splash of bright yellow/gold and used images and fonts that conveyed a positive vibe. 

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